Automate your entire reporting process from data collection to report creation and delivery.

Gather Data

Flow is used to create custom workflows which connect to and gather required data.

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Flow unifies data in a hypercube analytics engine.

  • Data is linked and hyperdimensionalized
  • Data from different sources can be unified through hypercubes

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Create Reports

Flow can transform and restructure data to create reports.

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Add workflow logic to produce results such as charts, reports, pivot views, hierarchical drills, scorecards and more.

  • Create charts from data and hypercubes
  • Consolidate report elements on the Flow Cloud
  • HyperCubes create left to right and multidimensional view elements
  • Store summary statistics and key performance indicator result elements
  • Combine results to create shareable dashboards

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Deliver Results

Reports and Dashboards can be distributed through the Flow Cloud Portal.

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Flow Cloud provides a reporting environment for interacting with workflow results and views.

  • Results are delivered via the cloud portal for easy interactivity and management
  • Reports, charts, pivots and data results are consolidated across flows
  • Flow reporting makes it easy to communicate data results to decision makers
  • Reports and results can be automated by scheduling flows

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Results, reports and dashboards can be shared and distributed through the Flow Cloud. Results can be distributed via email or sharable link

  • Integrated report distribution makes communicating data easy
  • Report distribution and sharing can be scheduled to automate the communication of data
  • Subscribe users to workflow results to streamline business intelligence
  • Results update after each flow run providing real-time analytics for decision makers

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Results are combined to create dashboards which can automatically refresh and be distributed.

  • Create multidimensional report views across channels and sources
  • Automatically refresh and update dashboards on a schedule
  • Share and distribute dashboards to decision makers

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