Reports & Dashboards


Dashboards that Deliver Insight

Automated workflows bring together all your critical sources of business data for timely delivery of comprehensive business intelligence in less time and at a lower cost.

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Automated Reporting Solutions

Reports can be automatically distributed to internal and external stakeholders at any frequency, from once a minute to once a year. Distribute reports from the Flow Portal, email, or via messaging.

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Data Visualizations

Create high-quality charts from datasets, hypercubes, tables, or pivot tables and include them in dashboards or distribute them with reports.

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Reports, Dashboards & Data Visualization


Automated Report Distribution and Dashboard Updates

Workflows perform analytics-oriented processing in response to user-defined triggers and run within a virtual, high-performance Azure environment.

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Automated Dashboards & Reports


Reports and Dashboards

Reports anywhere, anytime via the web, email, or on your mobile device.

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Automated Reports & Dashboards